Taco Tuesday Anyone?

Happy Tuesday blogger x readers!

Today I'll review a new and hot Mexican place in Cleveland by the name of "Bakersfield". They have recently placed their 7th location in one of Cleveland's thriving, up and coming areas: "Ohio City. I was able to go to their soft opening and pretty much tried a variety of options. I will say my opinion when they first opened was about 6/10 because of course they had to iron out the kinks and details. Since the soft opening, I have been back and this place is growing on me so I'm currently at about an 8.5/10

Price: The price isn't too bad, like most typical taco places. However, I do feel when you pay $4 per taco it's a bit more filling (Barrio) vs. Bakersfield, they are pretty small.

My Favorite: 
-Chips and Guacamole, the Guac was super fresh and amazing! 
-The Johnny Salad is a must try because it's filling, light, tons of great flavors. 
-Fish Taco & Short Rib Taco: both were filled with multiple textures, soft flour tortillas, and the presentation was great.

Least Favorite: 
The Queso: the taste was actually pretty good however; the texture of the cheeses weren't consistent. Once the queso cooled down it wasn't really edible (to me).  I would be willing to try again! 

Atmosphere: Fun, casual, small but great patio seating. The staff was knowledgeable, well dressed, and most importantly seemed to enjoy their job. 

*Overall: I do recommend this place! Let me know what you think :)

Enjoy! xo CCMonai


  1. Omg, that food looks so good. I have a supreme love for guac <3

    1. Yes, same here!! Thank you for stopping by :)


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