Soul Food Sunday's in Cleveland

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Many may know and many may not know but there is nothing like a Sunday full of warm hearts, laughter, and some good ol' soul food! I am talking about the type of soul food where you close your eyes as those sweet yams melt in your mouth. Or what about the type of soul food that just makes you wish you had one more piece of chicken. Yesssss, that’s the kind of soul food I am talking about. 
Are you hungry yet?
 I've heard mixed reviews about the new Chicago's Chicken and Waffles located in downtown Cleveland so I had to check it out and create my own thoughts. My first experience was amazing and overall a 8/10 for taste, service, cleanliness, and atmosphere. Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

Price: very reasonable for the amount of food you receive

My favorite:
-Fried Chicken: perfect crunch with the right amount of seasoning from the first bite to the last bite (my goodness)!
-Grilled Catfish/Veggie: (not pictured) but this is the perfect dish if you are looking for a healthier option to cut back on those calories

Least favorite:
-Cornbread: it was a little on the dry side and over baked for my liking
-Turkey Burger Sliders: (not pictured) but the presentation and the actual taste of the burger wasn't what I expected. It lacked in overall flavor and taste.
-Cheese Grits: were really watered down

Atmosphere: Casual, very nice low keys vibes, relaxed and to top it off the decor is phenomenal! If you decide to go on a Sunday, go in the evening for quick service. 

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