7 Days A Week

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I came across some pretty cool quality crewnecks attached with a hefty price point. I love the concept that Italian designer, Alberta Ferretti created with a story called "Rainbow Week" which are wool cashmere sweaters for each day of the week. This series is from her Fall Winter 2017 collection and actually the designers first capsule collection. Who cares about a $495 price point? Right? A few have already sold out via pre-orders! I wish I would have thought about creating this concept, pricey or not, it’s super catchy and amazing when styled the right way! I’ll be looking for Rihanna or one of the Kardashian sisters in one of these pieces very soon.  Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

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  1. I like the sweaters, but I can make this myself. If I were to pay 500 big ones for a simple sweater, it has to be for something I can't do together with my niece and a computer. Nice, but wouldn't spend that kind of money on something so simple.

    1. LOL, I am totally with you! These designers are making so much money off of simple garments and you are pretty much paying for a name.


  2. I would SO buy all 7 of these sweaters if it wasn't for that price tag! Love all the colours :)

    xoxo Kate


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