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Calling all my Jay-Z fans on lane 20! Over the past few months there has been a huge celebration in order for the 20th anniversary of Jay Z's album: "Reasonable Doubt". This past weekend Roc 96 launched 14 collections to help honor the release as well as Jay Z's birthday. There were 14 boutique stores throughout the United States that participated in this collection and special event (list below). Each store had merchandise for one of the 14 songs on the album. Below I created a table showcasing all of the available merchandise in Cleveland, Ohio to help celebrate this huge accomplishment within Jay Z's career. Feel free to visit for more merchandise. Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai
Store & Song List

1. Social Statue: Multiple Cities - "Can't Knock the Hustle"
2. Politics: New Orleans, Louisiana - "Politics as Usual"
3. Woodstack: Brooklyn, New York - "Brooklyn's Finest"
 4. Créme: Norfolk, VA “Dead Presidents II”
5. Concepts: New York & Boston - "Feelin' It"
6. Maniere: Atlanta, Georgia - "D'evils"
7. Xhibition: Cleveland, Ohio - "22 Two's"  ***
8. FeatureLas Vegas, Nevada - "Can I Live"
9. Soho GallryMiami, Florida - "Aint No Ni**a"
10. OnenessLexington, Kentucky - "Friend of a Foe"
11. UBIQPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania - "Coming of Age"
12. Black MarketDallas and Irvine, CA - "Cashmere Thoughts"
13. CorporateCincinnati, Ohio - "Bring It On"
14. AlchemyBirmingham, Alabama - "Regrets"

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