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Hi bloggers x readers! 

Today I put together a complete menswear look on how to achieve a winter white look this season. Winter white isn't your typical summer pure white, which is normally found in your linen or cotton fabrics. However, it's more of an ivory white that works well on heavier fabrics with warm undertones. I took a pair of John Elliott "skittles" white denim and paired it with a Tackma leather varsity jacket. I added a longline burgundy hoodie to add a splash of holiday cheer! I selected a modern tan nubuck leather Chelsea boot by a brand called: "ETQ" to add an effortless casual vibe to complete the look. This Chelsea boot goes perfectly with the raw edge hems on the denim. If you were going for more of an all winter white look, you can easily toss on a warm white button down with a fedora and boom new vibes are being made! Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai


  1. Such cool sweatshirts!!! AMAZING!!!
    xoBeckerman Girls

    1. Thank youuuu so much for the love and support!! You all are awesome <3

      xo CCMonai

  2. Dope combo, keep it up!


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