Hi bloggers x readers, Happy Wednesday!

 This past weekend I went to see Mr. Yeezy himself and FYI it was a pretty amazing show. His exit was my favorite but I won't ruin it for those who haven't saw the concert yet. I wanted to look cute, relaxed yet comfy! I purchased a cute bodysuit from Pacsun and I know what you're thinking, Pacsun? YES! They have completely revamped their marketing strategies to target a complete different consumer and I love it. I paired the bodysuit with a pair of American Apparel shorts I've had for over 3 years. I wore my Pharrell "Human Race" sneakers to add a splash of color for the concert and changed to a pair of black thigh high boots for going out. I tossed an army jacket around my waist that was purchased from a thrift store a few years ago.

Sometimes people think you have to spend tons of money to create a stylish look. Sometimes it's as simple as digging in your closet and bringing out those old pieces and matching them with something new. Fashion and Style is about having fun mixing and matching price points to achieve a look you are comfortable with! Enjoy :) 

xo CCMonai

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