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Hi bloggers x readers, Happy Monday!

Monday’s has NEVER felt so good! If you’ve been following me or have read my “About Me” section you will know I am from Cleveland, Ohio so you can guess why I am a great mood. I’ve heard so many things about my city that I’d be rich if I received $1 for every time someone had something negative to say. Before June 20th, 2016 Cleveland, Ohio was facing a 52-year sports championship drought that made us all a little bitter. The last time we brought home a championship was in the 1964 NFL championship game. I will say one thing about Cleveland fans regardless of the sport; we are loyal and dedicated to our teams and believe every year is our year!

This NBA championship game is more than basketball, more than a sport, or more than status, race, age, gender, etc. This championship means unity between all neighborhoods, positive vibes, happiness, businesses booming, nothing but pure amazing energy! I will NEVER forget where I was during the final seconds of Cleveland bringing home a trophy after game 7 vs. Golden State. We laughed, cried tears of joy, and poured into the streets to celebrate.

Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavs for allowing the city of Cleveland to experience the history that has been made!! We appreciate you all!

xo CCMonai

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