See You Later Israel!

Hi bloggers x readers!
 I returned from Israel last Wednesday and let’s just say that 12 hour returning flight was NO joke, not even kidding! My trip was amazing! I am only happy to return for a few reasons: I missed jumping right in a hot shower vs. waiting 20 minutes for it to heat up, my washer/dryer, my Tide "original scent" laundry detergent (because my skin is beyond sensitive), and my Nestle drinking water. Other than that, I miss being away goodness! The experience was incredible and I would not trade anything in the world for the memories I created while there. Not everyone gets to travel or enjoys going out of the country but something about going somewhere unfamiliar outside of my comfort zone excites me. I get a chance to enhance so many skills such as communication, adaptability, creativity, problem solving, and the list goes on!

Israel was such an amazing and wonderful journey for myself and I definitely would love return to experience more. This trip has allowed me to regain my focus, laugh, love, live, and realize to never take the small things for granted! I do believe sometimes the media paints an image in our minds that the Middle East is such a horrible place when in reality it’s such an amazing and relaxing place! I hope you all enjoyed my post for the past 33 days, thank you for reading and following. Here is to an awesome and amazing remainder of 2016 and until my next overseas journey....Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

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