"Greg Cafe" Review

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Yesterday was such an amazing and beautiful 75-degree day! I mean the weather was sooooo gorgeous; you have no choice but to be in a good mood and go enjoy the weather. I went on a journey to see what the hype was about at an outlet mall. Let’s just say I fell for the hype and the outlets are wayyyyy better in America. They had a TopShop/TopMan outlet but the prices were ridiculous and I almost thought I was back in the store. My favorite store was Mango because I came across a super cute olive green jacket/vest at an amazing price!

 I stopped for lunch at Greg Café and it was great! Greg Café has become one of my favorite places to eat while here in Israel and I (think) they have over 100 locations. The food is amazing, the prices are pretty good, and the atmosphere is awesome!  Today I ordered the “Balkan” sandwich, a side chopped salad, and an iced coffee. This kosher sandwich has no meat and comes with pesto, feta cheese, cream cheese, roasted red peppers and eggplant on warm ciabatta bread.  I've never had eggplant before and it actually wasn’t bad, I didn’t miss the meat at all. I didn't start drinking iced coffee until I got here and I’m not a coffee drinker but these iced coffees here are to die for...so delicious! The big salad is called a Halloumi and Mushroom salad, which comes with halloumi cheese, mushrooms sautéed in parsley, garlic, and teriyaki sauce on a bed of mixed lettuce with mint vinaigrette. Amazing! This dish is also meatless and perfect for pescetarians or vegetarians. Every time I visit this restaurant I try to order a different dish because I was told everything on the menu is amazing! Enjoy :)

Food Ranking Scale: 9.5 out of 10

xo CCMonai

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