"Bardo" Restaurant Review

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 This past Sunday I tried a new restaurant called: ”Bardo” and it’s not ranked in the top 10 restaurants in Nahariya via Trip Advisor for nothing! For starters there was bread with a few different sauces but the one that stood out the most was a garlic mayo type of sauce, excellent! Everything else was a blur. Would you kiss someone after eating garlic? If not, that’s not love! Kidding. I ordered the Salmon and let’s just say the portion size was amazing! The salmon was served with rice, potatoes (I know, tons of starch), seasoned green beans, a side diced salad, and my personal loaf of wheat bread (more bread). The only downside was the salmon because it was slightly overcooked and if you cook salmon too long you can dry the fish out, unfortunate right! I was so full I couldn't even touch my salad or loaf of bread. However, I did save room for dessert (go figure) and my goodness it was worth every bite, delicious is an understatement! Here in Israel they serve Belgian waffles for dessert whereas in America it’s typically a breakfast dish. It was topped with Nutella and Ice Cream! My mouth waters just thinking about it again lol I didn’t have an alcoholic beverages but I did have a popular drink known as “freshly squeezed lemon-mint juice"” which is chopped mint with a slushy like lemonade, pretty good! I really slacked on this food review because I didn’t take a picture of the starter dish, drink, or dessert. Enjoy :)

Food Ranking Scale: 8.5 out of 10

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