Sogo Grill & Bar Restaurant Review

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 Did everyone have an amazing Valentine's Day? I hope so and I hope people understand 2 things. One: Regardless if you're single or dating make sure you always love yourself. Just because someone isn't dating during this holiday doesn't mean they are lonely. Two: Valentine's Day should be celebrated year round and not just 1/365 days. Always express and give love! 

Any who I had an amazing day and enjoyed an amazing dinner with my hunnie. This restaurant was everything and more! Best Israeli food I have had since I've been here! We went to a place called SOGO grill & bar and they made sure they created a comfy Valentine's Day vibe with red balloons, fancy right lol? I ordered the Lamb Chops that came with zucchini, sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. Just as I was going to order hummus for an appetizer they brought out 5 different small dishes with warm bread which I took as a "thank you" for dinning here. The small dishes were amazing besides the purple beets. I wish I could begin to explain what they were but I'd be telling a story lol. My boyfriend ordered stuffed mushrooms with zucchini and sweet potatoes, and a side of "hot wings"(not pictured). The drinks were pretty decent; unfortunately they weren't strong at all! The  Long Island (not pictured) was kind of/sort of strong lol. If you are ever near the city I am in, please visit this place! I will be returning very soon :) Enjoy!

Food Ranking Scale: 9 out of 10

xo CCMonai

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