Trio Love: "Burgerim" Review

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Last week, I packed my bags, ran on the plane, said bye USA and hello Israel! I arrived to Israel on Saturday and couldn’t be happier to be here. First I get to see my hunnie, experience another part of the world, AND create meaningful memories! Talk about a happy girl whose heart thrives off traveling, I am truly blessed! This trip I will start reviewing different places I enjoy just in case someone takes a trip here or restaurants want to offer a free meal to review their place of business (j/k...well not really lol)! Sunday we took a trip to the grocery store and couldn’t find anything we wanted to eat so we put everything back (all in one place, nooo I kid!) and went on a journey for burgers! We went to this place called “Burgerim” and it was amazing! I ordered the “trio burgers”, which is known as sliders in the USA and the cajun fries. I ordered a lamb, a chicken, and a spicy burger; they were super tasty in that order.  I am learning each day about the culture here and how Kosher plays a major role in what they eat. The burgers didn’t have cheese on them but they were so good, I didn’t even miss the taste of cheese.  I highly recommend this place if you’re visiting Israel and there are tons of locations. Unfortunately, the place was so tiny we end up ordering take away which was the only downside but I am sure other locations have restaurant style seating. Enjoy!

Food Ranking Scale: 10 out of 10

xo CCMonai 

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