A day in Tel Aviv, Israel

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This past Sunday I went on a day trip to Tel Aviv and it was amazinggggg to the point where I need to go back and explore more (I wish I took more pictures). It puts me in the mindset of a Las Vegas with touch of New York City and a sprinkle of Los Angeles. It was so many people and tons of culture/diversity, I felt in place. I went to a place called "Sarona Market" which is like an indoor mall for different kinds of restaurants. It's a place where people gather to have a great time over food and drinks. I ran in the RAIN just to grab some Macaroons from "Fauchon" which is a Parisian style patisserie. All I can think about is the taste of the pistachio macaroon (you just had to be there)! I tried a really cute small restaurant a few steps from the market in which I can't remember the name but just know it was tasty! The pasta dish was what I call a “dedicated pasta eater” dream come true! The sauce was a light cream lemon sauce with a mushroom flavor! Enjoy :)

Food Ranking Scale: 10 out of 10

xo CCMonai

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