My journey, My way in Nahariya, Israel

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My time here in Israel had been amazing and so refreshing! Out of all the places I've been (Click Here To See) this might be one of my favorite places. The weather is amazing right now (chilly at night), the beach, the food, everything! I've realized regardless of where I travel abroad people will stare because I am a foreign person to them and that's totally okay. It took me a while to understand that and not be so quick to give them the "What are you looking at" stare back.

I am visiting a small town called "Nahariya" and my favorite part about this city is the boardwalk/beach. There are a few cute restaurants overlooking the beach and places to grab anything from candy to ice cream with friends and family. When I go for my workout I find myself stopping near the water to just sit and talk to God, I've done everything from laugh to cry. These aren't tears of sadness by any means but tears of renewing my soul if that makes any sense. Since I quit my job in last year, I've really just been on a journey bettering myself as a woman, finding my peace and happiness, and what really thrives me. Sometimes in life we hit a roadblock and it's not so much of "what do I want to do" but it's more of a "what's my calling from God and purpose in life". The older I get the more I realize that I am here for a reason and regardless of who you are, we are all here to serve some sort of purpose. We are all a blank canvas waiting to create and paint an artistic one of a kind painting/journey. 

My advice: Embrace your journey, take your time, have faith, speak to God, smile, stay positive, and enjoy YOUR journey because at the end of the day it’s your journey! Those yield, winding road, cross road, speed zone signs, and etc that you see on your journey are the signs that make the journey amazing and worthwhile. I can't wait to look back at this post and say WOW I have came a long way lol! Any who, this experience has been nothing short of refreshing and cleansing. I am beyond blessed and thankful to experience another side of the world! Who would have ever thought I'd be blogging in Israel about Israel! As always when I travel my mindset is "EAT. PRAY. LOVE". 
Enjoy the pictures :)

xo CCMonai

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