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I am back with another Wardrobe Wednesday Interview. I got a chance to catch up with an old stylish friend I went to high school with, Ron Edwards. It’s amazing seeing someone I went to school with over 8 years ago building their brand and creating success for their selves.  (Am I showing my age lol)? We talk about winter must haves, the brand itself, and what you can expect in the near future from him. Kick up your feet, grab a glass of wine for “wine down Wednesday” and enjoy!

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CC: Hi Ron! Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Ron: “Raised in Cleveland, Ohio and I’ve always had knack for the fabulous life and beautiful things, from clothing, to interior design to real estate. After graduating from high school, I got my first dose of semi-high-end retail from working at one of the higher end urban stores. There I honed in my skills to dress others as well as obtain clientele using my wardrobe and styling skills. After working briefly as a NBA stylist in Oklahoma City, I relocated to DC to complete my undergraduate studies at Howard University. While in DC I continued working as a personal shopper and stylist for a luxury hotel and later was promoted to retail buyer. That position allowed me to experience more of the varying process and cycles of the fashion and retail business. 5 years later, I was drawn to launch the RON DAVID brand, which would provide runway inspired clothing at an attainable price, while offering the same specialized service that you only find in luxury boutiques.”

CC: What does style mean to you and what inspires your great style?
Ron: “Style is paramount to me. Everything you do, you must do it with style. Your style is your grace and how you handle your day. When you look wonderful and feel wonderful, you perform wonderfully. That should be everyone's goal: to be at the best, most tip top place you can be. I am confident that the RON DAVID offers that feeling when wearing our pieces.”

CC: Top 5 items that women must have for the fall/winter?
1. A stunning brooch
2. Extra large printed scarf/pashmina
3. A fabulous coat either extra long or a fur
4. An amazing party dress
5. A statement shoe

CC: Tell us a little bit about the “RON DAVID” brand?
Ron: “The RON DAVID brand, launched in September, 2015 and is the next American brand. RON DAVID prides itself on begin cutting edge in design, using the best fabrics and materials while doing so at an affordable price. 90% of the RON DAVID pieces retail under $200, which opens up the ability to be fabulous to all. The RON DAVID line has been a huge success. In March 2016 the RON DAVID bag collection will launch, as well as capsule men's collection.”

CC: What inspires your designs for the RON DAVID brand?
Ron: “Runways, editorial magazines, and the day to day people that just love art, fashion, and fine living. That person that goes to the grocery store in a pair of tights, Chanel sneakers and a fur coat, or that guy that has on a full length wool double breasted trench coat at CVS, or the person that loves to wear all of their jewelry at once. That inspires me, because that person is living, not caring what people may say about how over the top they may look yet they are feeling wonderful. That inspires me as well as what I purchase and design for my label.”

CC: Anything special you are currently working on? 
Ron: “My special project now would be the launch of my bag line that will be available for purchase March 1, 2016.”

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”? 

Ron: “I would definitely consider myself a prevailing effect for sure. What has allowed me the success I have today is that I never looked at what I didn't have, instead, I worked with what I did have. I focused on my future and my goals, sometimes not being a social as others, but the hard work and time in thought has allowed me to prevail and accomplish the goals I have met today.”

Contact Information:
Instagram: @ShopRONDavid

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