A Little Metallic x Hologram

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Coach has really been putting out some amazing pieces lately! Yes, I said Coach: the brand that was founded in 1941 and known for their signature “C” handbags and accessories. I am totally like super totally here for this metallic hologram collection! It’s clean, simple, fashionable, and well designed. This is definitely the statement accessory to make any outfit pop! Add this to your Christmas list, enjoy :) 

xo CCMonai
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  1. Super cute! That would be perfect with an oversize white tee and jeans or a very simple black dress. Definitely a statement piece. I found your blog on Google + and I am following your site's feed on wordpress cause I want to keep up to date on it. (And I have no idea how to use Google+ btw...it really is a miracle I found your site lol)

  2. Where can you buy now though???

  3. Where can you buy now though???


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