The Varsity Jacket

Hi readers x bloggers, Happy Friday!!
My last post was catered to my female readers and the goal was to showcase a complete styled look from a certain store. Today, I want to do the same for my male readers from a store called "Frank & Oak" from Canada, Montreal to be exact! Fall brings fun fashion and stylish outerwear. I styled a complete look using one of the five quality Varsity Jackets below. Let me first say, I am not a complete fan of the shoes however; I promised I would style a complete look for my male readers so you get the idea lol! I styled two more looks with two different jackets from this store so keep your eyes open for those post next week. Enjoy! 

*You all know I am such an accessories person but unfortunately they didn’t have any! You can toss on a few bracelets, a watch, or a nice necklace or two.

xo CCMonai
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