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Hi readers x bloggers, Happy Friday!

I love accessories, especially stacking different and fun bracelets. I am the big earrings/hoops, simple necklaces, and tons of crazy bracelets and rings type of girl. I love mixing and matching different shapes and sized bracelets and rings when completing my look. I came across a very worthy and unique brand created by a brother and sister called "Giles &Brother", catchy right? They create and customize amazing quality fashion jewelry for both men and women to finish off any look. I am totally here for these simple yet detailed pieces. Below are my top six bracelets that would look great alone or even better stacked! Check out their website for other high quality accessories created in silver and gold. You can also find them in major retailer such as Barney's, Urban Outfitters, Zappos, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. I will be adding these to my Christmas wish list lol. Enjoy!

xo CCMonai

L to R (clockwise):
Fan Cuff $65


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