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Hi bloggers and readers! 
I haven’t spoke with you all in forever in a million years. Ok that was a little (maybe a lot) dramatic and overboard lol but no seriously it’s been a while, I’ve missed you all! It’s been about 6 months (crazy right)?  Since then I have quit my job that I had for 2.5 years in February that was no longer serving me purpose, travelled to beautiful Italy for a month in March, and just been on a journey to finding my passion, purpose, destiny, and overall happiness within life. I've truly been on my "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Live, Love, Laugh, Smile, Be Happy" journey! Sometimes in life we have to take a break from something to figure out if we truly miss it. I can honestly say I’ve miss blogging, interviewing amazing stylish people/upcoming stylist/designers across the world, and most of all my readers. It’s so cool looking at how many people view your blog and you can see everything from when, what part of the world, and how many views, talk about inspiring! I’ve hit 65k viewers and ready for more! Writing is something I actually enjoy, it’s a way to express myself through words and at first I thought who is really going to read what I have to say? Like am I that interesting? I have learned you never know who is watching and who may enjoy something you have to offer so just keep going!

So…now that I am back and going to try to stay as consistent as possible I want to put a “little” spin on my blog and switch it up. If it works AWESOME and if it doesn’t I will find a plan B…. Wait screw that it will work! After doing some research there are so many social media outlets that cater to women, I want to cater to my male readers a little more! I will continue to interview stylish men within and outside the fashion industry, post outfits of the day (I may even style a few looks if you are lucky lol!), and amazing fashion deals I find because I am the “deal/sale” Queen and can find a deal just about anywhere.

Ladies, I will still post for you so you won’t feel left out! In the mean time ladies if you know a stylish male, new male designer, etc., feel free to send me an e-mail so I can feature him on my blog. Lastly, I appreciate all my readers and followers for keeping up with me and I am excited to be back and blogging again! Let’s have some fun, create positivity, and inspiration!

**Disclaimer: I am NOT professional blogger/writer and I will make many mistakes, I may use a bad word here and there, and I will be ME (I can't pretend over here)!

xo CCMonai

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