Interview: Tailored Thursday x NFL

Hi everyone, Happy Thursday!
Back in 2011 & 2013 I got a chance to chit chat with former New Orleans Saint “Malcolm Jenkins” about his style on and off the field. I decided to catch up with him again just in time for the NFL regular season kick off, today! With such a time consuming career, who says you can’t be busy, work up a sweat, and create a dapper look? Welcome to Malcolm’s world: new city, new team, yet still stylish. Make sure you all tune in Sunday at 1:00pm EST to see Malcolm and the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Jacksonville Jaguars! Enjoy :)

xo CCMonai

CC: Hi Malcolm. It's that time of the year again, new city, new team. Are you excited?
MJ: “I am very excited! It's football season, I’m back on the East Coast, and I’m loving Philly.”

CC: “Let's talk fashion! How would Describe your style off the field? 
MJ: "I would have to describe it as "Preppy Street”. I enjoy the dapper clean look of a bow tie but will mix it with the more casual mood of street wear.”

CC: Top must have items in a man's wardrobe for this fall?
1. A Bow Tie
2. Anything floral
3. A really nice jacket or overcoat. 

CC: Top places to shop this fall?
1. Saks Fifth Avenue
2. Urban Outfitters
3. J. Crew
4. Gilt Groupe
5. Small Boutiques

CC: Top must have shoes for this fall?  
1. Colgate boot from "To Boot New York" 
2. A Chelsea Boot

CC: What is a typical outfit like for game day and what inspires your style?
MJ: “Team rules usually are "Coat/Tie" for the dress code. So game day is my opportunity to get as creative as I can within the rules. So, I will usually wear a bow tie and chinos or a blazer, Pocket Square and jeans. I try to see what I can come up with. Rarely do I wear a full suit anymore.”

CC: Lastly, I have to ask! Any friendly fashion/style competition on the field this year? Who is your competition this season?
MJ: “I’m in a new city and a new team so I'm still scoping the landscape. But being back on the East Coast does place me around more fashion forward people. I’m looking forward to seeing what my teammates' style is like.”

Follow Malcolm's style on and off the field:
Instagram: @Jank27 & @RockAveBowTies 
Twitter: @MalcolmJenkins


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