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Hi everyone & happy Wednesday!
Lately, I have been focusing on finding you all amazing deals for your fall wardrobe but today I am bringing back my interviews with unique, stylish individuals across the world. Any who, I got a chance to chitchat with an amazing blogger located in NYC. I love how Miss Ofunne is a risk taker when it comes to creativity. She is gorgeous, stylish, and creates her own trends....ohhh and her hair is amazing & fabulous! I hope you all enjoy this interview!

xo CCMonai

CC: Hi Ofunne, tell us a little bit about you, age, where you are from, what do you do, etc?
Ofunne: "My name is Ofunne O. and I am 25 years old. I am Nigerian - American and I am originally from the Bay Area in California. I have just recently moved to New York to pursue a master’s degree in Communications Practice at Columbia University and also further my career in the fashion and beauty industry. I currently run a fashion and beauty blog called 'All Dat Jazz,' where I talk about my personal style, beauty tips, inspirations, and photography."

CC: How would you describe your personal style?
Ofunne: "I would describe my personal style as minimalist with a sexy edge to it. I love to mix hard and soft pieces together, like sweatpants with a pair of heels. I also love creating monochromatic outfits. I strive for my outfits to look clean and effortless."

CC: What is your “go-to, when in doubt” piece?
Ofunne: "My go-to, when in doubt piece would basically be anything black. I reach for my black jeans or black tee or LBD whenever I can't think of anything else to wear. Black always looks good, always looks chic and is easy to accessorize!"

CC: How was New York fashion week? What are the top trends you noticed?
Ofunne: "New York Fashion Week was a lot of fun! It was my first fashion week living in NY. I took a lot of cool street style shots and made a lot of great connections and attended some fun events as well. Some of the trends I noticed were definitely anything neoprene, circular sunglasses and clothing using cutouts and mesh."

CC: Top 5 must have items in a woman’s wardrobe for this fall?
1. Black pumps
2. An awesome bright long coat
3. A chunky scarf
4. Anything tartan
5.Warm gloves
CC: Top 5 fashion brands/designers/stores?
1. Zara
3. Nasty Gal
4. MissGuided
5. Lola Shoetique

CC: Top 5 shoes for this fall?
1. Nikes
2. Timberlands
3. Doc Martens
4. Zara black leather pumps
5. Michael Kors over the knee boots

8. Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Ofunne: "I do consider myself to be a "prevailing effect" because I think everyone has to overcome many failures in to get to where they really want to be.  And it's not a bad thing to fail by any means. It is just important to remember to "fail forward." Learn from the mistakes you make and use them so that they next time you try something, you will triumph. I have made many mistakes in life and tried many ventures that haven't worked out for me but I haven't given up. Life is always going to be full of ups and downs, it's all about how you continue persevere and keep your focus on your goals." 

Contact info:
Twitter: @ofunneo
Instagram: @ofunneamaka

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