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Hi everyone, happyyyy Wednesday!
I hope everyone is having an amazing week. I decided to put a little spin on the Wardrobe Wednesday's interview because change is fun and good, right? I decided to interview a fashion journalist from Europe, whom has had a very successful career thus far. He started at a very early age working with GQ India, GQ South Africa, and Vogue just to name a few. You all have to keep reading to find out more. I want you all to grab a few glasses of wine, relax, and get your Wednesday fashion dosage on "Wine down" Wednesday! Enjoy.

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CC: Hi Declan! Tell us a little bit about yourself?
DE: “I'm Declan Eytan - born in Holland, live in Milan and my parents are from Suriname. As a fashion journalist I work with international editions of GQ and Vogue, to name a few. Among the names I've interviewed are Roberto Cavalli, Giuseppe Zanotti and Ciara (not you, the other one ;))”.

CC: LOL, Yes our interview was amazing! What inspires your personal style?
DE: “It's a mix between the stuff I spot on the runways during fashion week and my own imagination. I think that unconsciously I'm also influenced by the way Italian men dress and the occasional film like American Hustle”.

CC: You have done a lot of work with GQ, so what makes someone “GQ” qualified?
DE: “I don't want to use the word swag, but basically a GQ guy wears everything with, well…. uhm, swag. Nobody can wear it the way he does”.

CC: I completely agree! So....You were born in the Netherlands; do you prefer fashion in the USA or Europe? Why?
DE: “Definitely fashion in Europe. Europe has a rich culture, which reflects itself in the fashion. In the end I believe every fashion designer takes some kind of inspiration from Europe - also those in the US”.

CC: Top five brands/designers?
-Ralph Lauren
-Calvin Klein
-Tommy Hilfiger

CC: Top five items men MUST have for the spring/summer?
-Camel suit
-Double-breasted blazer
-Denim button-up
-Graphic t-shirt
-Something tie-dye is also a good look

CC: What is next for you, what are you working on? (Spill the beans lol!!)
DE: “I'm currently in the process of launching a project that will write fashion history in a way. Provided everything goes well, you should hear more about it around September/October this year. Also, I just got back from LA where I did an interview with NBA super fan James Goldstein. So look out for that one”.

CC: I will check back then! What advice do you have for someone looking to follow your career path?
DE: “Don't do it because it seems glamorous or cool. Do it because it's the only thing you're passionate about”.

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
DE:I don't know if I've really lived yet since I'm 23, but I guess that overcoming the constant, inevitable rejection everyone gets to deal with in fashion, is something that has shaped me a lot as a person”.

Contact Information:
Twitter/IG: @declaneytan

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