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Happy Thursday to my lovely bloggers and readers!
I hope everyone had an amazing “Wine Down Wednesday”. Today I have a pretty cool interview to share with you all. It’s not only about style but this is an interview with someone who is empowering our society day in, day out. This is an amazing definition of a “Prevailing Effect”. I want everyone to meet Mr. Curran J, someone who is making a difference in the community while being stylish. Kick your feet up, relax, get your passport out, and enjoy. Make sure you all follow him on social media. Enjoy!

xo CCMonai

CC: Hi Curran, Tell us a little bit about you?
Curran: “I’m the owner of the lifestyle brand KingsRule Together. I started it when I was 23 and I am now 27. I was raised by my mother and my grandparents who I love dearly and most of the things that I do is to make them proud and happy."

CC: What does style mean to you?
Curran: “Style is an extension of your personality and it defines who a person is without them having to speak."

CC: What inspires your style when getting dressed in the morning?
Curran: “I dress according to my mood. I'm a little eclectic and preppy, but I’m also a versatile dresser with unique ideas on fashion. As fashion recycles itself, I am working to stay ahead of the trends. I pride myself on being a unique individual and trendsetter, so I never really know what I might wear on any given day."

CC: Fall fashion or summer fashion?
Curran: “Fall fashion because I love layering and the materials and fabrics you can wear during that season."

CC: Top five items men must have for the spring/summer?
1. Cool pair of glasses or shades.
2. Passport because Kings travel during the spring and summer, well really all year around. lol
3. Camera to document your journey
4. Our signature “Kings Inspire Kings” or “Queens Inspire Kings” shirt. Its an essential
5. Comfortable shoes

CC: Top five places to shop?
2. House of Ra'oof
3. J crew
4. Retrospect
5. Any thrift store that I find.

CC: Passport is a MUST! OK, Lets talk about "Kings Rule Together", why the name?
Curran: “The name Kings Rule Together stemmed from the fact that my friend referred to me as King as a term of endearment instead of the N word, which is so commonly used amongst society. It stuck with me from then on, giving me the esteem to truly respect myself and the people around me. As I went on working with other kings, I realized that by working together we made a more powerful impact, and that we accomplished a lot more aka Kings Ruling Together”.

CC: That’s Amazing! What made you create such a forceful movement that helps inspire/impact men AND women?
Curran: “Honestly I didn’t create it with the intent to be a forceful movement. I started it to showcase my endeavors and I was just doing what I loved to do and putting my vision out there for the world to see. I then realized that I’ve created something that was bigger than myself. More people started addressing each other as Kings and Queens and started partaking in my vision that Kings could indeed Rule Together. I think the main service that my brand provides stems from inspiration and themes that contribute to the self esteem of others. Through my vision I am able to inspire people to think highly of themselves by way of art, fashion, and community efforts”.

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Curran: “Yes I do because people can relate to certain aspects of my journey since I changed my life around from being your class clown and trouble maker to actually helping people by being an inspiration. I showed how you can go from attending an inner city school with no college education by flipping it around and making a business out of a vision and something I was passionate about”.

Contact Information:
Twitter: Curran_J & @KRT_Updates
Instagram: @Curran_J & @KingsRuleTogether

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