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Happy wine down and wardrobe Wednesday! I hope everyone is having an amazing week and don’t forget to SMILE… like right now. Did I make you smile at all? LOL, I tried! Any who, I got a chance to interview someone with super unique style that can mix and match prints like no tomorrow and make a blazer look sharp as a tack. I will allow the pictures to speak for themselves because it takes a REAL fashion risk taker to mix and match prints while remaining fashionable. I told my men readers a few post ago, DO NOT be afraid of prints! Grab your glass OR glasses of wine, kick your feet up, and enjoy reading about Mr. Dennis and his favorite must have items for this summer.

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CC: Hi Dennis! Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Dennis: “I'm 20 years and currently a full time student studying Business Administration. I'm from Queens, New York. I am an outgoing very kind person. I own my own business called MaiTie where I sell handmade men's accessories”.

CC: What does style mean to you?
Dennis: “To me style means taking something like fashion and turning it into one of a kind and making it your own”.

CC: What inspires your great style?
Dennis: “Well at first, what inspired me were church members from my church. Then, once I became more familiar with the fashion world, I began to draw my inspiration from fellow followers from Instagram”. 

CC: The power of Social Media! Fall fashion or summer fashion?
Dennis: “Definitely "Fall Fashion". The reason for that is because I LOVE layering my clothing. Plus I prefer cold weather over hot any day”.

CC: I agree! Top five items that men must have for the spring/summer?
1- Linen Suit
2- Stand out tie
3- Brown loafers
4- Everyday watch
5- Comfortable bag

CC: Top five places to shop?
1- Zara
2- H&M
5- Urban Outfitters

CC: Top five favorite designers?
1- Michael Bastian
2- Alexander Wang
3- Tom Ford
4- Todd Snyder
5- Ralph Lauren

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Dennis: “I do believe I can be considered the "Prevailing Effect". As a teen and in junior high and high school I was picked on because of the way I dressed. Not because I dressed weirdly, but because I didn't meet up to everyone’s “standard” when it came to dressing. As I grew up I began to overcome it. And that's when I started to upgrade my style. Which was in the summer of 2012. The reason I did so, was not to meet anyone standards, but for my own self. It helped me feel good about myself. Gave me confidence. And it has also definitely opened many doors for me”.

 “I want to thank you for even considering me for this amazing interview. It truly means a lot that I am acknowledged for something that I love doing".- Dennis

Contact information:

Instagram: @dennisthemenis // Business Instagram: @Mai_tie

Facebook: Dennisthemenis23


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