The Man Blue's 2014

Hi everyone! 
Ok....Sorry I haven't been updating as much, but I have a great reason why (laughs): I went on vacation to Las Vegas and L.A and yes I had a great time! This post is for my men readers x bloggers. 
Men: "accent color" (a pop of color) isn't just for women. As Spring 2014 approaches...please do NOT be afraid of color and floral prints. As the weather gets warmer you will start to see different prints besides the typical "camp" shorts or pants. I LOVE how all shades of blues are in for men. It's amazing and so workable! Below I put together a little outfit just to show you an idea of the blues mixed together. Head to your local malls, online, etc. and start buying different shades of blue for this spring/summer. Think outside the box and have fun with fashion!

xo CCMonai 
The Man Blue's 2014


  1. This is dope!

    1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading!


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