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Happy Wednesday beautiful readers!
 I hope you all are having an amazing and awesome week thus far. I have a new wardrobe Wednesday for you lovely readers. I got a chance to do a Q&A with Ashleigh, a personal wardrobe stylist and the owner of an online specialty boutique called: “UberChic Closet”. Her boutique has some really cute one of a kind garments, so ladies make sure you check out the website below. And guys go treat and surprise your lady with something nice, since Valentines Day is next week! Kick up your feet, relax, grab some wine since it is “wine down Wednesdays”, and enjoy getting to know this Washington, DC native!

xoxo CCMonai 

CC: What does style/fashion mean to you?
Ashleigh: “Style means self-expression, it's a platform where we are able to speak on without verbal communication... Fashion is what we result to, which defines who we are to the world”.

CC: What inspires your personal style the most?
Ashleigh: “I am inspired the most by menswear, because comfort is at the top of my list and its what I feel most comfortable in”.

CC: Top 5 winter pieces?
1. Turtlenecks in 3 colors (ivory, navy, black)
2. Pea Coat 
3. Boyfriend jeans
4. Accent Fur Scarf
5. Cable Neck sweaters

CC: With so many fashion boutiques and social media outlets like Instagram, how do you stay competitive with your merchandise?
Ashleigh: “I try not to think competition, I really believe my eye sets apart from other online boutiques. I feel we share a lot of the same items and our audiences know that, but they buy into whom they shop with and whom they chose to support. Customer Service is key and as long as the customer feels protected they will continue to do business with you".

 CC: What are your favorite “go to” pieces for your clients?
Ashleigh: “That’s a tough question because I shop for both men and women as a personal stylist... but my obsessions are great blazers and sports coats”.

 CC: IF you had to pick, which do you prefer to style, men or women and why?
Ashleigh: “I love styling women because I am one, I find it fun but the challenge comes when I style men they make me think outside the box and it’s a challenge”.

CC: Any advice for someone trying to break into styling industry?
Ashleigh: “The best advise I can give someone is to remain focus, know that this job is not all glitz and glam, its a lot of real work and WE are not the talent, we work for the talent”.

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Ashleigh: “I am most certain a "Prevailing Effect"... life has thrown its share of curve balls and the best story is the one where you come out on top”.

Contact information: 
Instagram: @urberchiccloset @Ashmoney
Twitter: @uberchiccloset

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