There is Beauty in EVERYTHING.

Hi readers/Bloggers! 
I hope 2014 is treating you AMAZING so far. I wanted to do a separate post just for the pictures below because they truly explain what happiness is! I've always been the type of person to thank God for allowing me to even wake up but taking this trip to Athens was one of the best trips in life next to Paris. It was inspiring, motivating, and makes me want so much more out of life….and I will get it!

I say this because being able to travel OUTSIDE of your comfort zone, LIVE life, and leave all worries back home where they belong just make my heart smile. I woke up to once of the most beautiful sceneries and instantly whispered to God, "Thank you". I am so grateful for the opportunity to broaden my horizons, think outside the box, and make amazing memories with my boyfriend in a different country where we one.

Enjoy! xo CCMonai 

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