Europe to U.S.A

Hi readers and bloggers!

As my amazing vacation and experience come to an end, I am sad. Like real SAD. I cried. A LOT. 
Yes, I cried when I said "see you later" to my boyfriend and I cried on the airplane. I was so blessed for this experience and opportunity. I have learned so many things about a different culture, made AMAZING memories with my BF and got inspired again to go follow my heart and dreams. 
I learned to NEVER be fearful to take your own path in life. 

 I am thankful for this chance to see the world and really live out loud and I can't wait to travel the world again. I encourage everyone to travel outside of the USA or your home country. It will allow you to think outside the box within life. I hope you all enjoyed my experience as much as I did! This was a great way to start Twenty.14 and 25 years of living off just right!
xo CCMonai

Lunch in London at the airport. Ribs x Chicken. 

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