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Hi bloggers x readers!

I made it to Greece and I adore this place! I live by the words “Eat, Pray, Love” everyday. It reminds me of when I went to Paris, it's like I found happiness. I am such an adventurous person and traveling across the world out of my comfort zone makes me HAPPY. I can sit in a coffee shop and people watch for 2 hours, I could walk down the street and find beauty in a simple building, and I can feel my soul get excited when I am the foreign person to everyone! It is like I grow as a person and a woman when I travel and try new foods, walk around where 90% of the population speaks Greek. Something about that is so fascinating. 

When I sit back and look at all the pictures I have taken so far I just began to whisper “thank you God” and smile. I am so grateful and blessed to be able to travel and see the world and most of all travel and make awesome memories with my boyfriend who is playing basketball in Greece. I am so excited to watch him play again LIVE, IN ACTION lol. 

I also was blessed with the opportunity to spend my birthday here with him and make TONS of amazing memories! My goal while I am here is to post something once a day! (We will see lol).. 
I hope you all had an amazing New Years. HAPPY 2014!

xo CCMonai 

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