Interview: Friday’s Fashion Feature

Happy Friday my loves! 
I hope everyone had an amazing week and ready to enjoy the weekend. I want you to relax, grab some wine, and kick your feet up because I am doing a special “Friday’s Fashion Feature”. I got a chance to step outside the box and interview another blogger who has amazing style. Frances Estrada is a 25-year-old fashion blogger from Puerto Rico and the creator of “The Pecking Order”. Go grab that wine and enjoy!

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CC: Describe what style means to you?
FE: “For me style is being able to accessorize correctly. I pretty much live by the motto: “Fashion can be bought, style one must possess” by Edna Woolman”

CC: Your style is super cute, what motivates or inspires your style?

FE: “Thank you Ciara. My major inspiration is my mother. Since I was a little girl I saw her dress up everyday and wear awesome heels with great jewelry. She always looked astonishing to me.”

CC: Mixing and matching price points plays a huge factor into style and fashion! Describe how you go about doing this?

FE: “I specialize in making unique looks and combining them with great (economic) clothes, accessories and trendy bags. Every woman likes to use a fashionable, trendy piece when we go out and you should already know how much we like to shop, so buying non-expensive clothes and accessories means being able to change the wardrobe constantly.”

CC: Yes, I know because I shop wayyyy too much. Winter is literally around the corner, well in Puerto Rico, I am not sure (laughs)! What are your Fall/Winter go to pieces?
FE: “Lol, yes Ciara here in Puerto Rico the lowest is 80 degrees. But I still try to use my boots, leather pants and nice jackets. For Fall the boots are a MUST in my wardrobe.”

CC: Favorite place(s) to shop?
FE: “Well I pretty much like all shops (lol), but ZARA, Forever 21 and H&M are stores I can’t live without. You can literally find anything in there.”

CC: Tell me a little bit about your statement jewelry line?
FE: “I am a Jewelry lover so I decided to sell the jewelry I like to wear, chunky big necklaces, which are my favorites, preferably gold.”

CC: What is something that makes you different or stand out compared to other fashion stylist?
FE: “What makes me different; as fashion stylist, is the way I style myself everyday. Most stylists go to work in casual looks; I prefer being glam at all times. If I wear my jeans I will pull them up with high heels or boots to make it look dressy.”

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
FE: “Yes, Well the first obstacle was my parents, they are pharmacists and pharmacy owners here in PR. Obviously they wanted me to be a pharmacist, but my real passion was always fashion. Once I had my degree I began working on my blog The Pecking Order.”

Contact Information: (Make sure you follow Frances) ThePeckingOrder


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