MBFW Rewind: "Ruffian"

Hi readers, Happy Fashion Week!
I know most of you all are beyond thrilled about the well-known designers shows; however, don't count out those small emerging designers. Does "Ruffian" ring a bell? Well if not, I will ring one for you. Brian Wolk and Claude Morais found this company a decade ago in 2004. The phenomenal duo has been featured in NY Times, Vogue, Allure and many other amazing publications. Below are my favorite looks from their recent Spring 2014 RTW collection, which took place on September 8th in New York City. I am pretty sure the fabric they selected is Cotton Silk (I could be completely wrong). The clean, constructed look of these garments did everything I needed it to and can be paired with so many different looks. I personal feel as if, the best is yet to come from Ruffian. Those cute shoes are a collaboration with Allagiulia !

xo CCMonai

Instagram: RuffianBoys

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