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I wanted to do another "Tailored Thursday" because the word "tailored" fits this humble, stylish guy I got a chance to chitchat with. Everyone meet Mr. Javone Armada. I won't even go in depth about how awesome his style is because the pictures speak for themselves! Relax, have a few glasses of wine, and enjoy!

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*Outfit #1:
CC: What was the inspiration behind this trendy outfit paired with the yellow blazer?
JA: "Well the summer inspired this look overall. Yellow represents sunshine and the sun never goes unnoticed. Being that it was my first time at the London Collections I definitely wanted to shine bright haha"!
CC: I personally think Camouflage, as a print could never get old. Why did you pick this particular print?
JA: "The camo scarf was given to me from my mother not only is it stylish but its also cashmere. It laid well on my yellow jacket. Everything to me is about the extra piece that puts your look over the top while remaining simplistic. So in this case it was camo"!

*Outfit  #2:
CC: What was the inspiration behind this outfit paired with the white blazer?
JA: "I wore this look while in Los Angeles. LA is a beautiful city with beautiful people, I wanted to become one with that".
CC: Explain to me the “pop” of color you added?
JA: "I am very into neon and it's very rare that you see men into this trend, so I decided to give it a try. I usually build my look from the pant up then back down to shoes. Colored pants are so loud that you have to build around them not letting your other pieces over power, or else it would look like you are trying to hard. My hot pink pocket square made a great complement to the neon pants. The pocket square by the way was made from gift stuffing paper lol just showing you can be creative and look good, which leads to not spending much cash".
*Outfit #3:
CC: Wait...Gift tissue paper? How creative! What was the inspiration behind this classy all black outfit?
JA: "Yes... gift tissue paper. I am an artsy guy! (laughs). Well, there was no true inspiration behind this look, this is my power suit. Black means business, which is timeless fashion".
CC: Well alright now (laughs!) Pulling off a black suit seems so easy, yet VERY few can achieve such a tailored look. Explain to me how you pulled this sophisticated look off?
JA: "Well I wish it was easy but many guys dress too comfortable while in a suit, which leads to them not even realizing that they are wearing an oversized suit, which is typical in America. This look was all about tradition and confidence. There is so much power in simplicity and so much sharpness to the classic black suit. Just knowing all of these things helped me rock it well".
CC: The “norm” to a suit is paired with a tie/bowtie; explain to me why you decided to go without either yet still pull off a very classy and stylish look?
JA: "I am a relaxed guy so I'm usually no tie. My button up shirts are usually 3 buttons unbuttoned. It all about sex appeal (laughs). Though I own a few, I rarely wear ties only because I have this Miami vice thing I like to do".

*About Javone's Style:
CC: It seems like Blazers are your “go-to” piece” please briefly help the readers understand how to pull this look off without overdoing it.
JA: "Well, when you are wearing suit jackets, make sure you have proper tailoring. A problem that men face is that they go to these tailors and don't know the work they need done. Take a stylist with you to insure you are getting the proper cuts you need. Men need to understand that it's not about fashion but it's about your personal lifestyle and the way you want to portray yourself to the world. A stylist can help"!

CC: You have a trendy style that can't go unnoticed, how does it feel to have been featured on "GQ" website as one of the top fashionable people at "London Collections"?
JA: "It was amazing, since I was young I dreamed of being in GQ. I was extremely humbled not to mention blessed. I was overjoyed when I found out. It showed me that if I stay consistent with my brand and who I am, you'd never know who wants to take your picture" 

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
JA: "Yes I do! Though I have come far I still have so much work to do. We all have struggles but like I've said before you have to stay consistent with who your are. Always be true to yourself, the only competition is you, you are unique because no one else is you. Finding your separation and having fun with it. Believing in all of these things makes me a Prevailing Effect. Thank you CC"

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