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Hi lovesss, Happy Wednesday.
 I am putting a little spin on my interviews and decided to change things up. When you think of fashion, you think of really dope silhouettes and styles of garments, right? Well sit back, relax, and enjoy this "Wardrobe Wednesday" & how to add amazing arm candy to spice up any garment (male & female).

xo CCMonai
CC: Tell me a little bit about you, the CEO? 
JL: "I am someone who loves to think out of the box and goes against the norm. Since a child I have always had a love for color, patterns and texture. I consider myself as someone who has the “Cam Jansen Effect”, I will see a photo, a pattern or even a piece of artwork and try to recreate it with jewelry. Whether it is mimicking the colors or the image itself, I turn the vision I have into wearable art".

CC: Fashion not only deals with garments, shoes, hair, makeup, but accessories. How important are accessories when it comes to fashion?

JL: "Accessories are very important when it comes to fashion. With accessories you can turn an outfit from day to night. You can also reinvent an outfit, just by the accessories you wear. I also believe that accessories can reflect someone’s mood or personality, just like any other realm of fashion". 

CC: The bracelets are uniquely created, what is the inspiration behind your designs for the both lines? 
JL: "Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

  • DollCirca1930: Afrocentric turned up a notch. Animal prints and tribal prints are big this season, but I wanted to have my own spin on it. I mixed vibrant colors, patterns, and hardware. This summer I also added “From Marilyn with Love”, a collection that pays homage to the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe. Retro and eccentric meet for this one of a kind collection.
  • Johnee Lightning: A big inspiration for this season’s line was travel/jet setter lifestyle. Most if not everyone wants to be successful in life and travel the world. Bracelets consist of unique beads paired with airplanes, passports and compass charms.
  • Another inspiration for this collection is my love for Brooklyn, NY. Brooklyn is one of my favorite places to visit, I just love the atmosphere. I also am a huge Jay-Z fan. In honor of his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail, I created the Limited Edition “Hello Brooklyn” collection. Each bracelet pairs a Brooklyn Bridge charm with unique industrial beads. My admiration for Jay-Z goes a little further with unique names for each bracelet and his lyrics in the product description". 
CC: DollCirca1930 is the women’s line, I am sure it is easy to reach out to the female consumer, what about the male consumer? It seems like men are just now getting hipped to bracelets within the past year or so. 

JL: "Believe or not the male consumer loves fashion just as much as their female counterpart! Society has changed over the years and its okay for a guy to express himself through fashion and not be frowned upon. They want to be trendy and current as well. Johnee Lightning offers pieces for all men. Whether a guy likes to be flashy or likes to be subtle and subdued". 

CC: Where do you see both lines a year from today?

JL: "I believe in praying BOLD and dreaming BIG. I foresee a DollCirca1930/Johnee Lightning Takeover! I want both lines to be worn by many, a key essential in one’s wardrobe. I also plan on making a mark on the fashion scene. Attending and vending at numerous events, as well as having a client list full of stylists. Also a year from now I want to have DollCirca1930/Johnee Lightning in boutiques". 

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”? 

JL: "I do consider myself a “Prevailing Effect”. I have gone through numerous obstacles in my life, but the decision that I made recently comes to mind. I made the decision to finally leave my comfort zone. A year ago I couldn’t even fathom being a jewelry designer of not one but two up and coming lines. I followed the traditional route after graduating college and had a “9 to 5” corporate job. This was a great job with excellent benefits, but I truly wasn’t happy. I was selling my creative side short. It took a leap of faith and a supportive circle, to help me truly follow my dreams! I am truly blessed and humbled; I look forward to what God has planned for my future". 

Contact Information:
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: DollCirca1930
Pricing: $ 16.50-38.50 
Facebook/Intsagram/Twitter: Johnee Lightning
Pricing $ 24.50- 34.50

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