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Happy Wednesday! Welcome back to NFL X Fashion posts.
I sat down and talked to New Orleans Saints, Malcolm Jenkins. If you remember last year, I did an interview with him about his unique style. Well this year, he has something cooking for you all. The release date isn't until tomorrow, Friday July 26th, however I have some inside sneak peek info :)
Enjoy, relax, sip some wine, and read on.

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CC: Welcome back Malcolm. Last time I talked to you, you were prepping for training camp and here you are again prepping for training camp. Where did the name Rock Avenue Bow Tie come from?
MJ: "A year already....Well Rock Avenue was the street that I grew up off of (I lived 1 block away from Rock Ave) and that was the main street in my neighborhood".

CC: With having a full time career in the NFL, how did this idea even pop into your head?
MJ: "I was talking to my wife and she told me "you can just make those bowties yourself" in which I didn't think so (laughs). Well, shortly after I went to buy a sewing machine, practice fabric, and there I was cutting my own patterns. I stayed up late one night, cracked open some wine, taught myself how to sew, and made my own bow tie".

CC: Cut your own patterns? WOW! How long have you being wearing bow ties?
MJ: "I've been wearing bow ties for about 4 years now, but I actually didn't really learn how to tie them until two years after I started wearing them"

CC: So tell me what is the inspiration behind the brand?
MJ: "It had gotten to the point where I couldn't find bow ties that really defined who I was and my style so I wanted to create a line/brand that reflected my style. It's honestly a line that is a reflection of me".

CC: Ok... Bow Ties are literally everywhere and since men are dressing more casual these days, what sets your brand apart from other brands?
MJ: "It's the quality of the fabrics and different styles that set my brand apart. Also, not only did I focus on fabrics but also I tossed in some really cool textures on the bow ties. An example of different textures would be, the Ostrich skin bow tie" (Pictured above).

CC: Lastly, what is the biggest challenge?
MJ: "Well, I want to release 2-3 new looks every month and with training camp starting today, it's a little hard. However, once camp is over, I will be able to release more styles and looks".

I know you guys want more! If you are wondering, Rock Avenue Bow Ties will release 15 bowties and 9 pocket squares THIS Friday! The price point for the bow ties will range from $50.00 up to $95.00. There is one super exclusive bow tie that will cost $200.00 that is made out of Ostrich, which is pictured above! Make sure you all follow Rock Ave on twitter and check out the website for more info. 

Contact Information: Twitter/ Facebook/Instagram: @RockAveBowTies and @MalcolmJenkins

Where to Buy/Website


  1. Bows look nice on some!
    I liked the above designs.
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on my latest post!
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  2. AnonymousJuly 25, 2013

    Amazing interview! I read the one last year, keep it up.

    1. Awww thanks for the support!!! wow, that's amazing.

  3. nice post dear, I am totally liking the whole look. Very chic indeed!

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