Has Luxury Lost Its Luster?

Hi everyone! I want to take some time to just talk and vent. Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment!

I've read an AMAZING book that I honestly, think anyone of the general public should read "How Luxury Lost Its Luster".... I won't even go in dept on what the book is about but if you have any sense in fashion you can pretty much tell which road they are taking.... 

So what is my opinion? YES, luxury has definitely lost its luster. It’s not the same as it was years ago, from the elite to mass market. This is just me venting. I honestly think Luxury has lost its luster and to be honest, if you aren't someone who studied/studies fashion you won’t understand my opinion. Let’s just toss in the fact that the “mass market” buying these luxury goods can’t even pronounce the designers name. Reading “How Luxury Lost Its Luster” and traveling to Paris and New York City to fashion company’s showrooms and flagship stores really allowed me to appreciate both the functional and aesthetic attributes that goes into the garments, products, and brand.  I have noticed in 2013 a lot of musical artists are giving these amazing fashion companies’ free marketing. I think it’s awesome they don’t have to pay for marketing, however, the value of the brand has gone down hill. 

You have so many “hype beast” that buy a product strictly based off what a music artist says or wears (FYI: That’s my definition of a hype beast).  I am not saying musical artist has depreciated the value of the products because it’s all a game and the artist has one goal, to make money…It’s simple and smart. Recently, Jay-Z released a song titled “Tom Ford” and guess what? Now the mass market is going to start attempting to wear these garments because Jay-Z talked about it. Don’t get me wrong; it’s a super dope song (I blast it in my car everyday), by one of the greatest artist to ever rap! He has a major influence over the mass market, regardless if you like it or not. He is someone who had nothing growing up and came up and now “rocks Tom Ford”…. AND he relates to real life people and situations. I will say the appreciation for the garments, products, and brands itself have depreciated. Lastly, remember to live within your means and don't try to keep up with an artisit..He can afford the lifestyle. 

So has Luxury lost its Luster due to lack of marketing and advertisement, or has it simply been lost because it’s now about what fashion house can earn the highest profits?

xo CCMonai 


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I definitely agree with you that luxury has lost its luster! It says a lot about fashion today how people in the public eye can dictate what the mass market wear or want to wear. But 9 times out of 10 the mass market go for copies of the luxury in the high street. So I think regardless of luxury brands' marketing efforts, price will be the defining factor of sales. I look forward to reading your future posts:)

    Alex x


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate you taking the time to read the post and comment! I agree that people in the public eye can dicate what the mass market wears, so true. I also look forward to reading your blog again.




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