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 It's Wednesday and normally I call it "Wardrobe Wednesday" however, this is a special edition because it has to do with your daily beauty! I got a chance to sit down and talk with Celeb Makeup Artist, Angel Cherry. I seriously enjoyed her amazing energy and beauty tips. Sit back, enjoy, sip wine ladies, and take notes!

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CC: Angel, lovely! First I want to say how amazing your work is! Where did it all start?
Angel: “Wow thanks so much!! It all started about 5 years ago as just an interest and now its’ my career. I would say a beautiful mistake (laughs)”.

CC: Whom all have you worked with in the past/currently?
Angel: “I’ve worked with Theophilus London, Vashtie, Malaysia Pargo of BBWLA, Designers CocoandBreezy, Christiana Shields the sister of Artist Brooke Shields. Also I’ve worked with some local artist and designers all the way to well known actors and top models. I really never know who is who (laughs)! I have also worked with Angela and Vanessa Simmons. Angela Simmons is actually my current personal client. I have been asked from Dawn Richards, Teyana Taylor, JOJO and Toni Braxton and I was bummed I had to turn Ms.Braxton down. I was sad for like the entire month”.

CC: Ouch, yes I would have been super bummed too, that's huge! How much of a roll does Makeup play within the fashion industry?
Angel: “Makeup is by far in the top 3, such a huge roll! It’s the first thing you notice. Plus looking beautiful out shines everything within this industry”.

CC: When doing makeup for a client, what inspires you?
Angel: “Trust”.

CC: VOID by Angel Cherry, tell me a little bit about this?
Angel: “Now were talking!! VOID by Angel Cherry is my Lipstick collection (brand) and I actually make lippies. I am re-launching my line very soon and doing and event in July, you must attend it here in NY! The brand represents myself and any human who dares to fill their VOID with fun, unique lipstick shades! They’re made with love by me and can be preordered before I launch my line”.

CC: (laughs) I love your personality, let me go check some flights! Okay…Lipsticks: I’ve been seeing a lot of pastel colors for spring/summer, any advice on selecting the right color without looking too “chalk” like?
Angel: “Yes! Pastel lippies are in. I recommend pairing it with a lip liner. Now please readers don’t go "eww lip liner" because believe it or not that’s how the Ombre lip trend is created. If you choose a pale pink shade, go with magenta lip liner and fade it into the pale pink. Especially us women that is brown or much richer. Choosing a light color lipstick can be a challenge but paired with the perfect lip liner and confidence you will be experimenting with different lip liners. Trust".

CC: (Takes notes lol). Alright, the Eyebrow trend: It seems like the “new trend” are bold, big, boxy eyebrows or those “Kim Kardashian” brows. I see way too many people overdoing this trend, what advice do you have for people that want to achieve this fuller look but still look natural and beautiful?
Angel: “I love brows! I hate seeing women without clean full brows. Say NO to thin brows…please! When getting your brows waxed, tweezed, or threaded, it’s okay to bring in a photo for reference. Let them know you want full brows and only have them remove hair from the bottom. I actually tweeze my own brows. Also, please no filling in your brows with eyeliner and most definitely not black!! When filling in your brows use strokes. M.A.C has “Stud and Spiked”, which is really good for dark hair gals and always keep a clean mascara wand for great blending. Lastly, towards the inner brow..Less filling is needed”.

CC: What are a few summer/fall trends to look out for?
Angel: “This is my favorite! Even though I wear dark lips all season long, however, yes the dark eyes and lips. Metallic shadows will be huge this fall. This summer ORANGE will be HUGE along with Glossy lips!

CC: Any advice to men or women looking to follow your footsteps in becoming a makeup artist?
Angel: “Yes! Love what you do! This is a cutthroat industry so you will get the yes and no, but that should NEVER stop you and your love for your craft. Never stop learning! I still view YouTube tutorials and read my Kevyn Aucoin making faces makeup Bible. Also, never limit yourself to product and brands! Working for a company that introduced me to a range of brands truly helped me. You must network, assist, and brand yourself. And remember to have fun”!!

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Angel: “Yes I most certainly do. I have done a lot and I am still doing a lot to get to where I want to be. Looking back at how far I’ve came; I am truly blessed and thankful. I did a lot of free work, worked with amazing people and while all doing it I never forgot who I am”.
How amazing was Angel?! If you are in NYC in July, check out her launch party and make sure you go follow her to keep updated:
Twitter: MUA_Angelcherry
Instagram: MUA_Angelcherry

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