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I came across a really cool, funny, interesting New Yorker who is multi-talented in many ways. I won’t tell you too much about this New Yorker, so you will have to sit back, read, sip wine, and enjoy today’s "Prevailed Effect"!

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CC: Good Morning Eli! How are you?
Eli: “Hey Ciara, I'm doing great. How are you doing”?

CC: I am blessed! Tell me a little bit about what you do?
Eli: “About me…..I'm a 23 yr old Freelance Stylist/Model/Photographer from Bronx, NY. I'm a Dominican New York native born & raised. More currently I have been working on my menswear style blog (North of MAN)”.

CC: I saw you used the quote “Let your cloth speak”, can you explain where this came from?
Eli: “Let your cloth speak" came from a couple nights of writing my mission statement for "North of MAN". I was trying to express how clothes can transform into something greater than just fabric, by allowing your cloth to tell your story of who you are or what you have to say today”.

CC: You are a very fashionable well-dressed male, what inspires you to get dressed in the morning?
Eli: “First off, Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. But a couple of things inspire me to get dressed in the morning. I come from a church background and there's nothing smoother than your best Sunday suit. Being raised in that lifestyle, keeping sharp was second nature. Then there's my love for the vintage 50's era. My most comfortable fits are that of like James Dean & Marlon Brando, t-shirt and denim. I try to embody the sophisticated gentleman with the greaser like rebel. Finally, my mood in the morning also determines how I dress. Sometimes I wake up feeling like active, so I'll have running gear on or I'll wake up feeling sharp & dapper so I'll throw a 3-piece suit on. It can vary”.

CC: Eli, I see you modeled in Mercedes Benz Fashion Week before, correct? What designers were you modeling for?
Eli: “I did model for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this past fall for Ozwald Boateng's Spring/Summer '13 collection. My modeling work includes Riddim Driven Clothing,, Fresh Goods Clothing, & most recently Moncler Grenoble Fall/Winter '13 presentation. On the side of menswear blogging, I linked up with good friends at Street Etiquette and rocked out some great G-Star gear for their G-Star Raw campaign”.

CC: Aww G-Star, I used to intern for them in NYC (memories)! It seems like everyone “models” nowadays, what is it that set you apart from everyone else?
Eli: “I think what sets me apart from everyone else is that I approach the fashion industry on an entrepreneurial mindset. Besides modeling, I style & I photograph which are important each in its own way. It comes together to present a great meaningful image each time. Embodying all those skills I believe separate me from them because my eye for detail is increased by knowing what it feels to be in front of the camera, behind it, and responsible for dressing the image”.

CC: As a stylist, which do you prefer to work with/style, men or women?
Eli: “I prefer styling men because I can relate to them. I believe my style serves as inspiration to men. To be seen as a “man” taking a risk with certain prints or fits and styles is what I like to be considered as. Styling women gets fun though; you get to pass more boundaries”.

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
Eli: “I do believe I'm a Prevailing Effect simply because everyone has their own obstacles they face to get where they are today. I played basketball in college and fashion to me was workout tees, basketball shorts, high socks, and some Nike sandals. My goal was to transfer to another college that was recruiting me at the moment. Once I had my papers to transfer, the coach was fired and my recruitment wasn't valid anymore. When that happened, life brought me to photography, then to modeling, to styling, to appreciating the cloth for more than what it is enough to blog about it. If it weren’t for my obstacles I wouldn't have found my connection to the industry that I have now”. 

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