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 I have a really cool interview for you all today. Normally I interview and reach out to the athletes but today I wanted to talk to the man behind the fashion for these athletes. It was so crazy because he is from Ohio and I didn't even know! Sit back, relax, sip wine, and enjoy this amazing interview with 27 year YOUNG, living in LA currently...Brandon Williams!

xo CCMonai

CC: Hi Brandon, tell me a little bit about what you do?
BW: "I am fashion stylist who works with celebrity clientele and professional athletes".

CC: How did you become a stylist to the athletes?
BW: "Honestly, I first just started trying to get into being a stylist by interning and I have always been an athlete myself, so I have friends who made it to the professional level that started seeing what I was doing as an intern and assistant, and when I was ready they gave me a chance". 

CC: Perfect time to get to know you as a stylist! With the NBA Playoffs happening, what trends are you seeing the players wearing the most?
BW: "Well you seeing tons of patterns, different textures, such as leather, lots of accessories whether its backpacks or non prescription glasses".

CC: Now the common association of athletes and fashion, ummmm it just doesn’t mesh well (laughs). How do you help transition someone who never had style into a trendsetter?
BW: "I think my approach is what differentiates what I do with my clients, I work from inside out. I find out who they are first and what they care about and then I concept their own personal style that highlights themselves at their finest moment of ideal of what they would like to be perceived as . When a person is in their own skin their influence is much greater and what I do is cultivate that for my clients which makes them more appealing and relevant in fashion. Just look at Mike Conely he's always classic and chic never over dressed and that's how he is as a person".

CC: From sweatpants on campus to tailored/fitting clothing in the pros? How do you help your clients have an open mind when it comes to your fashion sense? How do you get them to trust you?
BW: "I think there is a compromise that has to be made. But I'm not going to totally make someone wear something that isn't them. I work from inside out finding out who they are then once that is identified I strategically progress them whether it be fit or colored pants (laughs)".

CC: Who have you worked with in the past and the future?
BW: "Mike Redd, Lance Moore, Mike Conley, Matt Barnes, and Mike Posner. I assisted my good friend and colleague Calyann Barnett with her clients as well".

CC: Styling NFL clients or NBA clients?
BW: "Well...I like the length of the season and the visiblity of the players but....No preference". 

CC: What is next for you within your career?
BW: "I am picking up more athlete clients and I have a few on my radar. Also, more work with my current client roster and growing with my agency as we continue to make a mark in the styling world WWB Lifestyle agency which includes Calyann Barnett and Diane Garcia".

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”? Any Advice for your followers?
BW: "Yes, I definitely have overcome my obstacles. I was a college graduate with an amazing corporate job and the world at my fingertips born and raised in Ohio and no one had ever really given me or opened my eyes to explore my love for fashion. When I found it by the way of some amazing people whom I now consider my mentors...I took it. I humbled myself, reevaluated my principles and what was most important to my life/myself. I worked really hard and did what I HAD to do in order to get what I wanted. So I encourage everyone who has a dream to fight for it and believe in yourself and believe in the good of others, as well as love people, as you would want them to love you and be humble and integral. You can't go wrong with those as cornerstones to approaching your dream. If you want to be a stylist you have to intern with someone who is working as a professional stylist because it's the only way to get the respect of your peers and also to understand business and logistics in styling to sustain a career".

I hope everyone enjoyed this interview as much as I did! Feel free to contact Brandon at:
Twitter/Instagram: @Brandwills

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