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Happy Holiday Readers!!
I got a chance to sit down with one of the most humbling wardrobe stylist ever, seriously! You have to read this interview to see how amazing he was (I wish you all could hear how many jokes this guy had!). Also, those looking to emerge into the styling industry keep reading because he has given some amazing advice. Ohhhhh I didn’t forget about those designers that are looking for piece placement, read this also! From wearing PJ’s on campus, to producing two fashion shows in Nigeria to now branding himself as Ryan Christopher, see how he is prevailing to this day! Enjoy.

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CC: Hi Ryan, tell me a little bit about you do?
RC: “Let’s start with…I am 29 years (young) and I am from Birmingham, Alamba and actually this is where I am based but Atlanta is my second home”.

CC: How did you emerge into the fashion industry?
RC: “I graduated from Miles College with a Bachelors in Business Administration and I come from a different background. I wasn’t used to people dressing up on campus like at a HBCU (like they were going to a club…laughs). That inspired me to create a Fashion Show called “Evolving Student” where people could be stylish/fashionable without being so dressed up during your college career, which open many doors”.

CC: It seems like there are so many stylist nowadays, how did you get your first client?
RC: “Well I knew I needed to put together a portfolio so people can see: I can put together clothes. I got some resources together and worked with a photographer from Birmingham and literally we shot every week until I had about a good 15 images that were powerful”. When I found out people were coming to Birmingham, I looked up their contact information and reached out to them because I knew there wasn’t any stylist here”.

CC: So…who was your first client?
RC: “My first client I reached out to was Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives. Lets just say I was very unprepared and had only about 3/4 looks (laughs!) …however I learned so much from that experience. My 2nd client was LisaRaye McCoy and I was more than prepared".

CC: Lets’ talk about your current clients?
RC: “I actually work with Erica Dixon from Love and hip Hop currently, it’s been about a year now”.

CC: When styling Erica, is it just for the TV show or do you work with her in her personal life as well?
RC: “I style everything for her. I styled most of the scenes for this season. I also do events, personal life, appearance…everything”.

CC: How would you describe yourself as a stylist? What mark do you want to leave?
RC: “I’ve been really blessed to work with very humble people who I can actually build relationships with. I don’t want to be just a “one time” stylist for them but build that relationship with them for the future”!

CC: Where do you see yourself maybe 6 months or a year from now?
RC: “I will be VERYYYYY honest, I just don’t know. I remember last year watching Love and Hip Hop saying, (Oh, I wish I could style one of those girls) and here I am now. Whatever God has planned for me, that is where I will be”.

CC: What was your biggest challenge you had to overcome?
RC: “My own fear. You just don't really know in the beginning if you will really make it. I am my worst enemy and I will critique my work a lot even before posting a picture on Instagram! I have learned that this is my craft, my art, and who I am. You can’t please everybody. All I think about now is Failure isn’t an option”.

CC: Lastly, The Prevailing Effect is someone who has prevailed and overcame many obstacles in life to get where they are today. Do you consider yourself a “Prevailing Effect”?
RC: “ I definitely think that I am! I will never stop prevailing. I have prevailed, I am prevailing, and I will continue to prevail. I do this by staying open, rounded, and humble”!

Stylist: “Sometimes learning is just by watching. It’s about talent and personality. So ask yourself, do you have personsility? Also, learn the business side of this industry because that’s very important. You have to want to learn the “unglam” side of this career also because if you are in it just for the glam side…you are in it for the wrong reasons”.

Designers: “Yes! I do Instagram stalk for pieces for my client because it’s hot clothing everything! I don’t care if it’s 20.00 or 20k. If it’s hot, it’s hot”.

Instagram: Ryanisstyle
Twitter: Ryan_isStyle


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