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I am back interviewing NFL athletes and their thoughts on Fashion. My last interview with New Orleans Saints player, Malcolm Jenkins went really well. Today I spoke with Defensive end, Andre Branch. He is a former Clemson Tiger now playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We talked about his fashion sense to trends to competition off the field. Sit back and enjoy this Sunday Night Football edition.

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CC: How would you describe your style off the field?
AB: ”My style off the field I would say, never really stays the same because fashion never stays the same but I'm also not one to ever do too much, and I just keep it simple”.

CC: As much as you tackle others on the field, is it as easy to tackle fashion and trends?
AB: “I wouldn't say it’s easy because new trends come out daily, but I would say it comes second nature to me because my mother started me at a young age to have the mindset to always dress yourself nice and to be presentable and I guess I took that and ran with it”.

CC: Be honest Andre, who do all your shopping for you? (Laughs)?
AB: “LOL, I can honestly say I do ALL of my shopping on my own, because who knows you better then yourself? I know a ton of people in the fashion industry all over the world and they send me picture of things they might think I like and I might “Yay or Nay” it but other than that it is all me”.

CC: Ok…. Let’s get to the real deal and be honest! The general opinion is Athletes x Fashion/trends don’t really mesh well. What are your thoughts on this?
AB: “That question is simple, regardless if you are an athlete or not "you either have it in you or you don't".

CC: (Laughs)…What types of things inspire you to get dress everyday?
AB: “Always want to be best dressed daily even when I have on something simple I will always need that one thing that makes my outfit standout. I want to be that guy that people ask, "What are you wearing" or "Where did you get that from" or people saying, "That's a dope outfit".

CC: Correct me if I am wrong but I see shoes are like your go to accessory? How do you select your shoes?
AB: “I love shoes I’ve been a shoe collector since high school but back then financially I could only afford Jordan’s, but now I’ve ventured off into more designer brands but with me I would say regardless of the brand I just like what looks good”.

CC: Lastly, (I am starting trouble) but whom do you consider your competition within the football industry dealing with fashion? 
AB: “I’m a bigger guy so it’s kind of harder for an athlete my size to find things so you are kind of limited with the things you get to choose from. However, competition wise it would have to be one of my best friends Marcus Gilchrist who plays for the chargers and he's way smaller than me but we go at it all the time”.

Well I guess my next interview will have to be Marcus Gilchrist to see his response to Andre’s answers LOL. I hope everyone enjoyed the “Warm Up” x Andre Branch.

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