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I have a new exciting Friday's Fashion Feature that I think you all would be excited about. I got a chance to chitchat with 23 year old, Tim B from Buffalo, New York. You may have noticed him from Lala's Full Court Life or one of the top 11 most stylish New Yorkers. He was also named one of the Distinguished Power 30 under 30 of Western New York. I am sure you are more excited to hear how this talented stylist is Prevailing. Sit back. Enjoy. Sip Wine. Relax!

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CC: It's super crazy how I located you on Instagram (laughs). So how important is social media within the fashion industry or networking in general honestly?

Tim B: "Networking is one of the most important elements of working in the fashion industry. It’s all about whom you know, so it's very important to make connections and keep them! The beauty of social media is that it makes everyone more accessible which plays a huge part in networking; it's like having direct access to important people at your fingertips".

CC: “Prevailing Effect” stands for someone who have overcame tons of adversity to get where they are today within this industry however not limited to just fashion. Would you consider yourself a "Prevailed Effect"?

Tim B: "Yes! Most definitely, I can't begin to tell you how many obstacles I've been through in the process of pursuing my career. In the end, each and every obstacle has made me stronger and wiser than I was before".     

CC: How did becoming a Celebrity Stylist become a career?

Tim B: "Honestly, I never thought of styling let alone celebrity styling as a career. I didn't know what I wanted to do until my sophomore year in college. I met a friend (Ernestine) who asked me if I ever thought of styling and she actually got me my first internship. After interning I was hired as an assistant, while assisting I got the chance to learn the business side of the industry, the way things work, the ins and outs, which is very important to sustain in the styling business. After "paying my dues" I started building my clientele".

CC: What Challenges were the hardest to overcome?

Tim B: "The biggest challenge I had to overcome is fear! I moved to New York by myself I had a few friends that I knew from college but I didn't have my family or anything I was use to it, I was out of my comfort zone and I didn't like that feeling. When I realized that fear were only holding me back, things changed and more doors opened for me". 

CC: Who are some of the celebrities you have styled/worked with?
Tim B: "I started out working with Lil' Kim which was a great platform for me! I've worked with Angelea Preston of top model, Po Johnson of Lala's full court life, and Hollywood Hino".

CC: Would you prefer styling men or women?
Tim B: "I really have no preference, men are easier to style, but you can do more with women".

CC: Do you ever mix and match different price point pieces together?
Tim B: "Yes, I do it all the time! I don't believe in spending crazy amounts of money on clothing unless it’s an investment piece". 

CC: Lastly, What advice do you have for others that may look up to you/follow you?
Tim B: "Do your research, find an internship and be 1000% dedicated to it, be persistent and consistent, put in the work, a network network network"!

I appreciate your time and look forward to continuing to watch you develop and grow! I hope everyone enjoyed my Friday's Fashion Feature with Tim B.
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Twitter/Instagram: @EpikStyle

Here is Tim B on "Lala's Full Court Life" with Po Johnson. 

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