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I got an opportunity to interview someone who lives in my hometown (Cleveland, Ohio). The lovely young lady I spoke with is a Wardrobe Stylist that decided to do something very unique with vintage clothing. Her name is Anastasia Walker, which is the creator of NeonComplex, originally from the Bay Area in California.  So sit back, get motivated, relax, and enjoy!

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CC: Hey girl! So, NeonComplex correct? It's so catchy, what is the inspiration behind the name?
NC: Yes NeonComplex. The name came originally a few years ago I started a blog, and my mission was to seek out all cool/artistic/creative places and people in North East Ohio and more specifically Cleveland. Being from the Bay Area originally I'm use to being inspired daily in the most random places, when I first came to Ohio I was constantly searching. So NeonComplex for me represented a state of mind. It's about having neon (or abstract) complex thoughts, finding a source, to inspire and be inspired, even in a place (like Cleveland) that's been given some negative stereotypes!

CC: Who is NeonComplex? And where did it all begin?
NC: I am the original NeonComplex, but now NeonComplex is a brand. First and foremost, I'm a wardrobe consultant/ stylist. It's what I'm most passionate about and have been doing professionally for the last 5 years. My Love for styling and vintage clothing has always been a part of my life. My Bay Area roots have heavily influenced me so I owe it to my hometown for the diversity and multicultural abundance. 

CC: What would be the one "go to" piece that everyone should have in his or her closet?
NC: Man or woman, you need a great pair of dark denim, you just do. It's a great foundation piece that can be dressed up or down. That’s the boring truth. Can I add one more? Men, a well-tailored sport coat is a must, and women can't go wrong with the LBD (little black dress). Ok I can go on and on so please stop me ;)

CC: (laughs) I so agree with the LBD and sports coat! What is the pros and cons of creating a clothing line when it seems like seriously everyone is putting something out there?
NC: The resurgence of Vintage clothing has definitely been a "Trend". There are avid vintage lovers (like myself), and now a new audience as well. The beauty is that no matter how much competition there is, these are dead stock pieces and rare. Different pieces appeal to different people. It's like a piece chooses you almost, I know it sounds corny but it's much different from traditional shopping. I have been a collector for years from thrifting, estate sales, and family hand me-downs. I started selling vintage clothing and accessories not only because I love it but truthfully I accumulated sooooooooo much stuff. The stylist in me will see a piece, create a look around it in my head, and then think about using it for a photo shoot. Realistically things end up in storage when they just need to be seen and given a new life! So I wanted to share my great finds. Not everyone has the patience to create a business in vintage where you hand select the pieces yourself.  

CC: Where do you see your line within the next 2 and 5 years?
NC: NeonComplex will continue to offer styling services to men and women, I hope to continue to have in-store collaborations for the Vintage line like the upcoming event I'm having with NEXT Beachwood! 

CC: Lastly, what advice do you have to the people that are watching you and your career path?
NC: I would first thank them for their support! That's huge in this industry! Understand that relationships are extremely important, networking, and just connecting with others to give them a sense of who you are and what you're about. Do not be afraid of failure, you have to be willing to take risks when pursuing your passion and interests. Fear will cripple you and your spirit. Live and create. 

CC: Yes!! You couldn't have said it better :) Where can you be contacted? When is the release date? And where can they buy?
NC: I'm having a launch party for the vintage line on Thursday April 25th from 7-9pm at NEXT Beachwood. There will be music by "The Good Guys" aka Dj Steph Floss & Meel, refreshments, Lilly Handmade Chocolates as a gift with purchase, and obviously a great selection of vintage clothing!!! Please come out and see the pieces for yourself!

Contact Information:
Website: (currently getting a fab make-over but will re-launch soon)
Twitter: neoncomplex 
IG: Neoncomplex
For styling and other other inquiries I can be reached at:

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