Are YOU Prevailing Today?

Hi amazing bloggers/readers! <3
I've been thinking a lot lately about why I blog and interview others. Well here is my answer: 1: My professors in college told me I have an art and that is writing and keeping the readers attention so this is how it started.

-Besides that the whole purpose of me blogging/interviewing is to show the world all of the positive things in life since it’s so much negativity going on! My main objective is to interview amazing people within the Fashion Industry, which will show the world how they have prevailed, are prevailing, or will continue to prevail.  Also, I want to give insight to others who look up to them, follow them, and would love to know where it all began. 

-The meaning of "The Prevailing Effect": To Prevail means to succeed, conquer, overcome, WIN, dominate & control yet be current. While Effect means a result, as others dominate different cities across the world, they need ending results, so with that being said....“I am a Prevailing Effect” and so are you! I want my readers to see how amazing others are. 
Ask yourself everyday: "Am I Prevailing? Am I making a difference today". 

xoxo CCMonai 

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