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I normally don't do music reviews or music post HOWEVER... when I came across such a God Given talented female it was a must! Don't sleep on 19 year old Elli Ingram from Brighton, UK! She reminds me of a mini Adele with a soulful passionate/hip hop twist. Don't worry she will be making a name for herself rather than classified as "Adele's Mini Me". If you keep up with "different" music like I do, then you may noticed her name from 2011 when she did a cover to Kanye West- "Runaway", Beyonce's- "Smash Into You", and other amazing artist. Since then her voice have grown and developed to another level! In 2013, she did an amazing cover of Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake – "Poetic Justice". FYI: She has a foul and filthy mouth but...I LOVE ITTTT! Elli Ingram can sing just about type of music that is given to her. 

xoxo CCMonai

2013 Cover: "Poetic Justice"

2012 Cover: "Earthquake" 

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