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Hi lovely bloggers, HAPPY FRIDAY! 
I've decided to do a new feature on my blog called “The Prevailed Effect”. I decided to use my blog name within that feature because I wanted to give the spot light to those fashionista glam stars that have prevailed, conquered, and triumphed adversity. Sit back, relax, and enjoy today’s special guest: Ariel Hakim.
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Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself and who you are?
A: My name is Ariel Hakim. I'm a Baltimore native, mother of a three year old, and CEO of Éclectique LLC. I graduated from Clark Atlanta University with a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre. I recently moved to Miami, FL. 

Q: Okay CAU!! When and how did the business come about? Where did the name for your online shopping website generate from?
 A: Éclectique LLC came about from an idea that I had to open a women's clothing boutique in Atlanta. For the past few years, I've wanted to open a store of my own. I've always been interested in fashion and what's trendy. I started building on my dream with absolutely no knowledge about running a business or no financial support. With the economy's current state, it was challenging to find a lender to give me the monies needed to start up a new business. I did not want to give up on my business venture so I thought of an alternative to a physical store front with less overhead cost. An online store was the perfect alternative! 
I was tossing around some possible store names with a friend and she did not like the names that I was coming up with. I told her that my store would have pieces from all different types of styles so that everyone would find something that they loved. She made a joke and said, "The name should be something like Eclectic!" but she said it with a French accent. At the time, we did not know what the French word for Eclectic was. I researched the French word for Eclectic and found that it was Éclectique. I loved the pronunciation and it's meaning- choosing what is best from a variety of styles. 

Q: What inspired you to start an online business?
A: My ultimate goal was to have a physical storefront, which I still strive to get. I did not want to give up on my dreams of owning and running a women's clothing store just because I was not able to get financial aid for a store. With starting an online store, I have gained the necessary experience that I need to one day open a storefront and it has also given me credibility with the clothing companies that I've acquired accounts with. 

Q: What advantages and disadvantages do you run into vs. shopping in stores?
A: Having an online store is a great advantage over having a storefront because people from all over the world have access to my site and is able to shop when ever, where ever. If someone wants to shop at 3 o'clock in the morning from their bed, they have that liberty. The disadvantage of having an online store is my clients not being able to try my merchandise on and be sure that it fits them well. People can be a little reluctant when buying clothes online and not being able to see or feel the merchandise. With that in mind, I try to provide the most information possible for each garment so my clients have a good idea as to what size garment would work best for them. 

Q: How do you keep up with current trends? 
A: I like to think of myself as a fashion forward woman with a great sense of style. I know what looks good on a woman's body. As a buyer for my company, I receive line sheets of collections for the upcoming season. I think of my clients when picking the inventory for I hear what women like. I'm familiar with the hottest designers. I go after them. :)

Q: What trends can I expect to see for the New Year/2012 that you will offer to your target customer?
A: I am very interested in the trends of California. Their summer clothes are always bright, fun, and flowing. You can expect bright maxi dresses, fun sweat suits, bright graphic tees and the likes for the upcoming spring season. 

Q: How often do you have new items?
A: New items are added to weekly. I'm consistently building on the site's inventory. I want to keep my clients' interest so it's important for me to give them something to look forward to on a regular bases. 

Q: Where can you be reached? E-mail, twitter, website?
A: Email us with any questions about our products or general inquiries at 
Éclectique Twitter: @ShopEclectique  
Our Website is

I hope you guys agree with me that this is definitely a "Prevailed Effect" and trust me if you love shopping as much as I do, you would appreciate this online boutique. Just in time for the holidays! Below are a few items you can expect to see on the website.


  1. love your interview, the pieces you've selected are gorgeous too!


  2. I love that last blue jacket. Such a pretty style.
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