What fashion style does Melanie Fiona look for in men?

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 I got an amazing opportunity to sit down and talk to the gorgeous, Melanie Fiona and her personality is beyond bomb.com! Like seriously she is so personable, outgoing, and her willingness to do the interview showed me a different side of her. I hope you guys enjoy the interview as she reveals her fashion and style intelligence.

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CC: I want to say how much of an amazing personality you have because on Tuesday night you rocked it out with Cleveland, where did the energy come from?
Melanie: The Energy comes from just feeling the audience, being there for them and really being able to understand them.

CC: I’m super excited for the new album, what can I expect to hear that’s different than "The Bridge"?
Melanie: I originally grew up around soul so the first album was really dedicated to that but “The MF life” will be a more current, updated album. This album will really show where exactly I am in life and will tell my story.

CC: What’s the major difference between your hometown (Toronto) Fashion and other major cities style like New York or L.A?
Melanie: You see Toronto has great shopping, great malls, and shopping plazas with amazing designers and upcoming designers as well. We are a smaller city compared to the other places with a smaller population so you won’t be able to find stores like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Herve Leger in LA all in one shopping place.

CC: Speaking of designers, who is your favorite designer?
Melanie: My top two designers are Alexander McQueen and Diane von Furstenberg. I love the sense of style and clean cut, patterns, designs, and colors they both give you.

CC: You always dress super cute, yet very classy and not revealing too much but with so much sex appeal, how do you manage to pull this off?
Melanie: Honestly, sex appeal comes from within and how much confidence you have. Like Aaliyah wore boxers with the baggy jeans that’s because she had confidence within herself which, made that look sexy without trying hard. I am actually an emotional dresser so I dress how I feel that day. 

CC: What advice would you offer to young women today as far as fashion and how men may view women who may reveal too much?
Melanie: I grew up pretty strict, my mom didn’t play any of that when I was a little girl…It just wasn’t happening (Laughs)! You have your whole life to become a woman and you have your whole life to express yourself in a way you feel that you need to. I always feel like it’s more tasteful and even though you might see guys talk and foam at the mouth over the girl that walks around with super tight jeans or a tight, short skirt…and truthfully that’s the girl they may foam at the mouth for but that’s not really the girl they are approaching for her personality or how she carries herself. I feel like there is always something to be said about leaving something to the imagination. You have to make it difficult for these guys and make them work for it, and maybe that’s why they get bored so quickly.

CC: (I know that’s right….ALL RIGHT!) Okay, what’s the ultimate fashion style for your type of guy and how important is fashion when dating?
 Melanie: Well, I am a very chill person so I like someone who can understand my chill style as well as when I get dressed, I can get dressed! I also like someone that’s like me who can be very chill and laid back but also know how to turn it up when needed. Someone who can rock a track suit when we are running to the grocery store or can dress up a suit properly. I am big on jeans, T-shirts, and fly kicks. No huge graphic designs on the shirts and I pretty much over the having every pair of Jordan’s that come out (although I appreciate it). I like fitted jeans, not too skinny or tight but also not too baggy. I like the T-shirts to fit where they show the man's physique. Lastly, I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEE Hats! I love to wear them so I love when a man can rock a hat.

CC: Do you have a stylist onstage while your performing and off stage when you’re just out and about? And does your style change?
Melanie: Yes, I have a stylist for major appearances but besides that no because normally my manager and I bang my style out together. I like to know what’s in my closet and what I bought. It’s crazy because everyone thinks you can’t re-wear clothing but yes you can, it’s about how can you make that piece different from last time. I definitely think my style is changing because you just grow as a person and as you grow, your wardrobe grows. I LOVE LOVE LOVE, to shop for myself!

CC: If you could pick one fashion era to bring to life, today…. what would it be?
Melanie: Ummmm…I would have to say the 60’s and 70’s. I am in love with the whole Bohemian style and mixing that with today’s couture.

CC: Lastly, What is something you’d love to accomplish whether it's fashion or music related?
Melanie: I just honestly want to have an impact on the world through my performances or interviews and I want to be able to feel my audiences. I just want to have that positive influence on someone as an artist and just respect.

Did you learn anything new about Melanie Fiona that you didn’t know before? I sure hope so and I hope you guys were able to feel the positive energy that I felt!


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    1. Yes, she is amazing! and I have to agree with you about the fashion :)

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