How does Evelyn Lozada walk down the aisle?

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It's been a few weeks since I did a celeb interview....This time I got a chance to sit down with reality TV star/ boutique owner; Evelyn Lozada and guess what? We talk about everything fashion 101 to major wedding plans! Go ahead and grab a cup of coffee, water, or even a early cocktail, have a seat, and enjoy this interview with the one and only, gorgeous: Evelyn! Remember you heard it here first, thank me later.

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CC: Who is the original designer of "the earrings" BOO BOO (laughs)?            
Evelyn: Poporazzi Purchase here!

CC: Which makes the outfit more? Shoes or the accessories (earrings).
Evelyn: Definitely the shoes!

CC: With your daughter being in LA and your soon to be husband with the New England Patriots, what's next for you as far as Dulce?
Evelyn: I am actually getting ready to expand by adding an online boutique so that customers can shop at Dulce no matter where they are!

CC: What is the most challenging part about selecting the "right" shoe for the boutique?
Evelyn: I would say remembering that when I am selecting shoes for Dulce I am not buying shoes for myself. I have to keep in mind what the customer wants when it comes to designs, fabrics, colors etc.
CC: After meeting Chad, who taught whom how to dress?
Evelyn: LOL, I have always been into fashion, I have had style since I was five so my style has nothing to do with Chad. Its something about growing up in New York you just fall into flavor and fashion so I have always been inspired to be fashion forward. 

CC: If you were a college student what would be your three top places to shop in the moderate price zone?
Evelyn: H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and Express (I love their jeans!)

CC: The big question: Is there a stylist for the show Basketball Wives or you ladies dress yourselves?
Evelyn: No, we don't have a stylist for the show...We dress ourselves, can’t you tell?

CC: HAHAH! Well…Okay mama, the wedding? Who is the designer of the dress because I know you're coming with your "A" game?
Evelyn: Pnina Tornai and Ines Di Santo  Here for: Pnina Tornai and Here for: Ines Di Santo

CC: Your last wedding dress was more "risky", what will be the inspiration for this dress? And what look are you going for?
Evelyn: Whatever dress I choose will be couture/sexy. I want to look at my wedding photos 30 years from now and know I was one hot momma back in my prime lol!

CC: Alright now "Hot momma"! Lastly, with you being in the public eye 24/7 how important is fashion to you?
Evelyn: Fashion is extremely important to me and I always make sure I'm presentable even when I'm dressed down, besides the blogs would tear me apart if I cam out half stepping.

I got an opportunity to meet a different side of Evelyn Lozada, not just the “Basketball Wives” Evelyn and she was super cool & down to earth. I think everyone; including myself thought she was going to select a Vera Wang dress! I’m excited to see the design and silhouette of her gown. Just expect to be like “damnnnnn, girl” since she is having TWO designers create her dress! I hope you enjoyed Evelyn as much as I did…. She can be found via twitter @EvelynLozada

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