Tuesday Craze: Football x Fashion

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 I got an amazing opportunity to sit down with Super bowl champion from the New Orleans Saints, Malcolm Jenkins and talk Football and Fashion...ummm interesting huh?
 Fashion goes beyond the typical fashion world. I personally believe fashion comes in MANY styles, shapes, colors, and fabrics, it's an expression of who you are as a person.

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CC: I know it’s the best time of the year (camp season….laughs!!)… How is that coming along?
MJ: "Training camp is coming along well. Even though it’s hot and my body is sore and my mind is exhausted I still love playing football everyday. Being with my teammates and playing this game is what I love to do and I'm blessed to have this opportunity".

CC: Speaking of sneakers, do you think it’s a certain age in which men should hang up the Jordan’s and latest sneaker for a pair of loafers or trendy lace up shoes?
MJ: "I've never been a Jordan's guy. Nothing is worse than a 30-year-old man rocking a pair of fresh J's. Sneakers are cool though. I'm a PF flyers kind of guy. They aren't as "juvenile" as J's but they still show some youth. I'm only 23 so I haven't bought into the loafers yet".

CC: Do you find it challenging to maintain your fashion appearance during the season?
MJ: "Yes... I go to work in sweats everyday!! (laughs) On game days I get to show my style but it's usually with a suit. I'm usually at one end of the spectrum during the season; either sweats and a T or a full-blown suit. But I love a good suit or sport coat so I don't mind".

CC: What is your go to piece and why?
MJ: "When I'm going out I usually wear a screen T and nice jeans with a pair of Pf flyers. I love screen T's because you can express a lot about your own personality. To me they usually tell a story about what kind of thing you like and what life styles you are into. But when I wear a suit I don't have a go to piece I try not to repeat suits too often. But the thing I will wear more often than not is a Bow tie. I think bow ties bring personality to a suit. The louder the tie the better. It often draws attention and shows a little bit of guts. Most people won't wear colorful bow ties so you never have to worry about blending in with everyone else. You will always stand out".

CC: Do you have a personal stylist (It should be me…laughs) or a personal shopper?
MJ: "No, I do not have a personal shopper right now but I do order all of my suits from Astor & Black". 

CC: Ok…seriously, let’s be honest Football and Fashion ummm yeah doesn’t really go hand and hand. What are your thoughts or opinion on that stereotype?
MJ: "I'm not in to "Fashion" I wear what makes me feel good. I think a lot of guys in the NFL have that same attitude. But we all think that we can "dress" lol".

CC: Who do you view as competition in the football world?
MJ: "Fashion wise my biggest competition is my own teammate Jabari Greer. He has a body type that fits most clothes in most stores so he has a bunch of options when it comes to places he can shop. Me on the other hand can only shop at stores that carry XL's and 38 jeans usually they'll have one or two pair. But I make it work".

CC: Congrats on your wedding, it was beyond beautiful! I see that you traded the traditional wedding shoes for some converse? I can’t even lie, that was dopeeee! Okay, Mr. trend setter but what/who inspired that?
MJ: "Well I told you I'm a PF Flyer type of guy so I chose the converses because I could customize the colors and still have that similar look. It was an easy choice. And like I said I love adding something small to make a big difference in the look".

CC: What inspires your taste in fashion? What publications or designers?
MJ: "Neither... I may see an old video clip of some old styles and I'll take it and add my own flare to it. Like elbow patches for example".

CC: hahah, well thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to sit and talk with me… Any fashion advice?
MJ: "Fashion to me is expressing who you are through the clothes you wear. So fashion can never be judged ... To each his own".

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