Excuse my FRENCH but I was in FRANCE...

Hi everyone! 
This was probably the BEST day of my life. I never got a chance to wrap up my experience from Paris, I apologize bloggers. First, I want to thank God for allowing me the amazing, remarkable journey I took to Europe. Not only was it an eye opener but also it was a blessing and an experience of a lifetime. I was able to actually go up the Eiffel Towel one of my last nights there and that's where everything started to make sense and I actually felt closer to God up there. It was an emotional experience especially after dealing with my Godfather dying two weeks prior. I did shed a few tears (nah maybe a dozen tears) and I laughed numerous times up there because I realized the value of life and found BALANCE....

 I learned so many valuable lessons, gained tremendous knowledge and got a clarified understanding as to what true happiness means. This experience also taught me that God removes and places people in your life for a reason. Now what that reason may be.... I’m not sure but to be honest it's not for us to know! I lost some people to this experience but I gained some really awesome relationships….sometimes you have to lose some to WIN some. 

I am beyond thankful for EVERYTHING!! I want to thank everyone who was super supportive and stuck with me through my EAT.PRAY.LOVE journey. Lastly, having NO cell phone was probably the BEST choice I could have ever made for a month.... seriously try it! The typical saying is "How many times will you just get to go to Paris for a month"...well TRUST ME, I will be back and traveling like you can't believe it, because I am claiming that my future job will have me exploring different markets across the world. Just sit back and stay focused with me! 

xo CCMonai

Back to the U.S.A :( 

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