R.I.P xoxo

Hi bloggers x readers, 
Being in a different country away from your family is very hard 
but when you get that phone call you were praying to God that you didn't get is even harder.....I was hit with some news, that I thought I'd never hear, I just never seen this coming....On Thursday: July 14th,  2011 my God-father passed away after having a stroke. I'm not sure what I feel, its like I'm numb right now, broken, and my heart just hurts beyond words can explain. Someone just taken out of your life like....that and the fact that I can't be with my family is killing me slowly even more. I know he would want to finish living out my dreams and not sit around crying so I took some pictures that reminded me of his positive thinking. Please LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST everyone!
Peace. Love. Happiness
R.I.P Bill Hicks...Always Remembered, Never Forgotten.

xo CCMonai

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  1. I am so sorry about your loss =[. I pray you and your family.

    Kimberly FWB


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